Women are choosing a more natural look over the ‘vixen’ body shape | News

As social media users speculate the era of the “vixen” body is coming to an end, Designer Bodys CEO Michelle Dior believes it will always have a place among plastic surgery enthusiasts and society at large. .

“I think it’s gone down a bit and it could go down a lot more, but it’s hard for me to say because we’re still being contacted for this look,” Dior said. The “vixen” body refers to women who have extra large bottoms and breasts with a small size. While some women are naturally curvy, this look is specifically descriptive of the plastic surgery version of those curves. Dior told THE STAR that there has been a recent trend in the number of women seeking their services for more natural looking bodies.

“I think a lot of people are going for the natural look. There are still some girls who want to look like the super dolls with the vixen look and all, but I think the majority of our customers are going for a simpler look with like a small butt, small hips and a small waist,” she said. “I think it goes both ways actually because we have girls coming back and wanting to look more natural. But we have girls who have had a more natural look and they want to come back and look more vixen, so it goes both ways.”

Over the past year, international celebrity Kim Kardashian is one of many celebs who are rumored to have toned down her look by having her buttock implants removed. Since the start of “awards season” in the United States, many fans have been comparing photos of the reality TV star’s former skintight look and more recent photos. She seems to have a noticeably smaller behind. Dior however says it is unsure whether or not this has an impact on the local market as its customers are more influenced by locals.

“I personally don’t think the Kardashians have a fair impact on our customers. I feel like the people our customers look up to are more people in the limelight in Jamaica, as well as in other places. other countries. fine. But I think they more or less follow the trends of the black scene. I don’t feel like the Kardashians were the ones that people looked up to for their surgical bodies. Yeah, I would say that they probably do other races and other things, but honestly, I’ve never heard anyone come and say oh my god, I want to look like Kim Kardashian,” she said.

Dominican Republic-based Designer Bodys even offers discounts to customers who have had operations with the brand before and want to come back for more procedures.

“A ‘second round’ discount is for girls who come the second time, so we’re giving them $500 off the procedure,” Dior said.

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