Woman says outfits are ‘inappropriate’ because of her body shape

A woman has revealed how her body shape has affected how she is perceived in the workplace, as she says she can never be seen as ‘dressed appropriately’.

Nina Osegueda, who has an hourglass figure, took to TikTok to respond to a trend that asked users to reveal “something a job taught you that you’ll never forget”.

In the clip, which has reached over 79,900 likes, she stands next to the mirror in a style of dress that would be considered office attire before turning forward to reveal her hourglass figure.

“I’ve learned that no matter how appropriately dressed I am, my body is so distracting that I’ll never be dressed appropriately for work,” she said.

Nina Osegueda says her figure means her colleagues don’t see her as appropriately dressed

In a follow-up video, she further explained why she felt this way, adding, “The first time it happened I was working as a software trainer where I was teaching people Adobe and I was fired. .

“The guy fired me, the manager told me I dressed ‘too sexy’. And the second time it happened, I was working in an office in DC.

“The office manager told a colleague that I was wearing a club dress, which was a knee-length dress that didn’t even fit.

“It was only fitted at the waist. It was not fitted at the hips like that dress in my video. So yeah, I’ve had it twice and that’s while wearing perfectly appropriate office clothes . It’s just my form.”

Many TikTok followers were outraged by his treatment and called being “hot” a “blessing and a curse”.

One user said, “Being hot is both a blessing and a curse.”

Nina Osegueda
Nina films her curvy form in a fitted office dress

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Another wrote: “Yup!!!! Do I show off my body? Or do I just have this body shape and exist!?!?”

A third said: “No, it’s absolutely NOT your fault!”

However, some people agreed with her former employers and argued that she should have dressed differently.

One user said, “Costume! Can’t go wrong with this.”

Another added: “Just wear a cardigan over it.”

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