Why you should give The Body Shop this Christmas.

If 2021 has taught us anything, it’s the beauty of the connection.

For many parts of Australia this year has made it more difficult than ever to connect with friends, family and strangers.

But lows have come many, many highs. After the year has passed, The body store recognizes the importance of kindness and human relationships. This Christmas, The Body Shop gathered their own Joy Squad (full of familiar faces!)

The Body Shop also wants to remind us to celebrate the heroes of joy in our own worlds this holiday season too, who have given selfless joy to others in truly meaningful ways.

And it got us thinking: who in our life has been the greatest diffuser of joy over the past year?

So we went to Mama mia community and heard from 10 women in particular about what they would say to the person who brought them the most joy in 2021.

(Oh, and if you’re looking for a token of appreciation for your loved ones this season, every purchase with The Body Shop this Christmas supports the Little Dreamers and the Young Carer Advocacy Project. It gives young caregivers a voice and a platform to create positive change for all young people with caring roles. And that’s a cause you can feel very good about gift this year.)

This is exactly what Mama mia the community had to say.


“I left home just before Sydney was locked up and was outside of most of my family’s 3 mile radius except my grandparents.

“My grandmother and I had some social distance walking catch-ups throughout the lockdown (and she did my laundry!) ​​And it was a highlight of my year.

“I’m so grateful that I had the chance to spend this extra time with her where I might not be so busy with everyday life.

“Thank you for being my greatest supporter and friend. I am so grateful that I got to see you so often this year, and I look forward to continuing.”


“My neighbor’s dog brought me the most joy in 2021.

“I befriended my neighbor, who lives alone and was a bit lonely during confinement.

“We were sitting together in the park and chatting as we tossed the ball for his Labrador, Rollo.

“These conversations also brought me a lot of joy, but damn it, I’ve become obsessed with Rollo. He’s the happiest little dog that I now walk every week and see almost every day.

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