Who shows what? Celebrities show off their best body parts

What is your best body part is the big question of the day. Maybe, like Victoria Beckham, you recently celebrated your birthday, and your partner did like David and posted a photo of you rear view, in sportswear, doing a pigeon pose on a mat. yoga, with a grateful peach emoji? (You may remember Posh doing something similar for David when she shared a photo of him floating face down with his torso down and bare buttocks by the side of a swimming pool? Back then , she captioned it, “Happy Sunday! You’re welcome.”)

This mutual appreciation of background may seem straight out of a David Attenborough documentary, and a bit unsavory; but what can we say? It’s become normal practice (sort of, in some circles) to name your best body part (BBP) and then go about showing it off to everyone in the spirit of “Why should I keep That’s secret? There you go, folks…Enjoy! Maybe that’s what Macron was thinking when he undid the extra button, or more or less how you felt when you were barbecuing in your bra on weekend.

Of course, the BBP reveal isn’t new, but it seems to have become more focused (back when we ogled Daniel Craig emerging from the sea and didn’t feel the need to focus on one area in particular) and there is no doubt the competition is heating up. The current fashion for crop tops and low-rise minis has emphasized toned abs and legs if you’re part of the Emma Corrin generation – but if you’re mid-life, your options are more limited. Also, in keeping with this era of gender fluidity, what once worked for women now works better for men, and vice versa.

Here’s how to maximize your BBP in your 40s

Look at my chest

The first thing to note is that usually you now say this if you are male. In recent days, as no one could have missed, we have seen Macron invite us to admire his hairy chest, but the thing with wearing a mostly unbuttoned white shirt and pants, sitting on a leather sofa , apparently between meetings is that you look like a porn star waiting to be installed. Or, alternatively, someone who had a boozy business meeting and is now about to get messy in a Prince-Harry-play-naked-pool-in-Vegas way.

Everyone knows that you can only get away with that kind of extreme breasts revealed on a lounge chair/balcony/poolside, or you’ll end up looking scruffy. So zero points for Maccers. (David Beckham did better this week in the trunk publicity department because he’s in Miami where it’s normal to walk around trunks only). What becomes apparent is that the less defined chest is starting to look a bit like Keep Your Top On. Meanwhile, women of a similar profile are more likely to be fairly covered in the front (notable exceptions are Salma Hayek and Liz Hurley, who has always had a public-spirited and entertaining attitude towards her breasts) . By far the deepest cleavage at the Oscars was when Timothée Chalamet wore a tuxedo with nothing underneath.

Look at my behind

Even experienced butt flashers have a lot of work to do to catch up with Kim Kardashian and J-Lo. The rule now seems to be – if your butt is your BBP – cover it with a cloth like vinyl or Lycra or just duct tape and then…go. Mature women now have more options, with exercise leggings and cycling shorts being acceptable almost everywhere. Younger ones will just stick their butts out in tiny bikinis or stick them out of their shorts (under the butts).

Look at my arms

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