Tiger kills farmer in nullah and eats body parts | Nagpur News

Chandrapur: A tiger killed a farmer in a nullah near Boldha village in Halda, North Bramhapuri range on Sunday afternoon. The incident erupted Monday morning.
The deceased farmer Kawadu Meshram (55) had gone to wash his oxen with a nullah when the attack took place. His oxen returned home in the evening without any sign of Kawadu. His relatives and the villagers searched for him in the night, but in vain.
They resumed the search on Monday morning and found his body in the farm of a certain Bandu Patil Thakre, along the bank of the Wainganga river. The tiger had mutilated the body and devoured parts of it.
Forest department officials arrived at the scene after obtaining information and removed the corpse after investigation. An alert was issued to surrounding villages after the incident and the Forest Department has stepped up patrols in the area.
The Halda region of Bramhapuri is known for its human-tiger conflict. People here reacted aggressively to the incident and demanded immediate action to capture the problematic tiger.
The incident is the fifth human killing by a big cat in the district this year. Of these, four were killed by tigers and one by a leopard. In 2021, 39 people were killed in predator attacks in Chandrapur.
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