These Old Navy jeans magically adapt to your body shape

PARIS, FRANCE – JANUARY 26: Emilie Joseph wears sunglasses, khaki military jacket by Saint-Laurent YSL, white shirt/blouse by Zara with ruffled collar, blue denim pants by Levi’s, crocodile pattern in pointy leather brown high heel boots from Paris Texas, on January 26, 2021 in Paris, France. (Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images)

Shopping for jeans is no easy feat, especially when your size varies widely from brand to brand. In some stores I make a size 6, while in others the size 8 is too tight. Add to that the fact that my weight fluctuates throughout the year like everyone else (it’s normal, y’all), and I’m tempted to avoid buying new denim. But recently, browsing The Old Navy jeans sectionI came across the mark “suits youwhich fits three sizes. Technology seemed to be a game-changer, so I couldn’t help but dig deeper.

The first “FitsYou” style is the Super Skinny Super High Rise Rockstar Jeans ($45, originally $55), which come in four different washes and a ripped design, all featuring a contoured extra high waistband. So how does multi-scaling work? Well, according to the brand, the jeans harness the power of lycra-free technology, which allows the fabric to “expand over your body while remaining comfortable and non-compressive.”

Buyers choose from a range of sizes (0-00, 2-6, 8-12, 14-18, 20-24 and 26-30) rather than a singular number (which seems much less stressful and risky, especially when ordering online). After taking a quick quiz to determine my size, the brand recommended I add the 8-12 range to my cart. I went with the dark blue wash called “Cher” and then selected two day shipping (because I’m not cold).

I was cautiously optimistic about this order, especially since I wasn’t entirely convinced that the 8-12 size range wasn’t the right fit. But when I put the jeans on, I was shocked to find that they hugged my body perfectly. They didn’t feel too big or too small, and the stretchy material was as comfortable as a pair of leggings. (Yes really).

My *only* complaint is that I’m not as attached to skinny jeans as I used to be. Today, I prefer a brand-style bootcut or wide fit Super High Rise Ripped Sky Hi Wide Leg Jeans ($50), but that doesn’t mean I’ll ditch the style completely. I hope the brand uses the “FitsYou” technology in other styles, because there’s no doubt in my mind that it’s genius. We just need more options!

The verdict? I absolutely recommend giving these jeans a try, especially if you’re someone who gets frustrated with the size of jeans like me. I love knowing that this pair will blend in just as well with my body if my weight fluctuates in the future, whether it’s next week or a year from now. When it comes to fashion innovation, these jeans deserve an award for being – wait for it – in front of the curve.

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