The chips are made from the body parts of this turtle, the price will shock you

Nowadays there is a lot of shocking news and now recently there has been shocking news again. Indeed, a rare 25 kg turtle was found near the Agra railway station and this turtle was tied to a rope and kept locked in a bag. In this case, it is reported that this turtle belongs to a rare species living in fresh water in Southeast Asia. This turtle looks quite different from other turtles. Thanks to this, this turtle was recovered by the Wildlife SOS team. According to the information received, this turtle of a rare species is in great demand abroad and the price of its meat and chips reaches hundreds of thousands of rupees per kg.

There is also a 3 to 7 year sentence for smuggling. In fact, near Agra station, this turtle was found locked in a bag and in such a situation, it is believed that the smugglers left it here for fear of being caught and running away. Nilsonia Gangtis and Chitra Indica at Pinhat in Agra and Gyanpuri and Bansari at Etawah adjoining the Chambal River are the three species used to make crisps. He said that the skin of the turtle’s stomach is called the placenta.

These are the manufactured plastic shavings. That being said, the plastic is cut to make shavings. Then it is boiled and dried. Nilsonia Gangtis and Chitra Indica caught in Gyanpuri and Bansari sell the tortoise chips for 5 thousand rupees per kg who catch the turtles and make their chips. From Etawah, Pinhat, these chips are transported to 24 Parganas, from where they are smuggled to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. The smugglers say that after reaching these three countries, the price of crisps reaches Rs 2 lakh.

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