Scottish body parts scandal boss banned from running companies over £ 3million before collapse

A director of a clinical waste company hit by a scandal that stored body parts has been banned from running businesses after £ 3million in assets was moved before it collapsed.

Former boss of environmental health services Alison Pettigrew, wife of former co-director Garry Pettigrew, has been disqualified by the government agency Insolvency Service (IS).

He said Ms Pettigrew, 52, breached her ‘fiduciary duty’ by allowing HES to transfer assets valued at £ 2,979,383 to connected businesses in the two months before the business collapse – triggering a national clinical waste crisis.

Mr. Pettigrew’s conduct is also under investigation by the watchdog, of course.

The company lost lucrative NHS contracts in 2018.

The Lanarkshire-based company, which had removed waste from every hospital, GP’s office, dental office and pharmacy in Scotland, lost lucrative contracts with the NHS in 2018 after allowing storage of body parts at multiple locations.

Ms Pettigrew, who currently sits on the boards of five companies active in Companies House, will not be permitted to act as a director for three and a half years.

Describing what happened to the finances of the HES when it went bankrupt, IS said: “The transfers had the effect of putting assets out of reach of creditors at a time when Ms Pettigrew knew, or should have known, that the company was facing loss of contracts and severely restricted trade due to violations of Environmental Agency permits.

An IS spokesperson said she “abused her position by transferring nearly £ 3million in assets out of the company”.

He added: “She not only ignored professional advice, but acted to the detriment of her creditors.”

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Ms. Pettigrew did not respond to our requests for comment.

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