Look who dresses up at the Body Shop! – Alyson Engle

The Body Shop Fitness Center has been serving the Rehoboth Beach community since 1989. Alyson Engle has been a Body Shop member for eight years and one of Adam Howard’s personal training clients.

Member name: Alyson Engel

  1. How long have you lived in the neighborhood?

“I moved here in 2014, so it will be 8 years in September 2022!

  1. What is your favorite thing about life at the beach?

“The people, the community and the access we have to the outdoors. I surf and love being able to enjoy the ocean all year round, but this community is amazing and that’s what makes me smile every day!

  1. What is your favorite thing about your business/profession?

“I am currently recovering from a severe and permanent traumatic brain injury due to a car accident on 9/29/20 so due to this I have lost my full time job which was Senior Wellness Consultant for Virgin Pulse. I was basically in health tech and ran home wellness programs before working from home became a thing. Locally, I am a surf instructor, yoga teacher, astrologer and personal trainer. My favorite thing about all of these jobs is the people I’ve met and what I’ve learned along the way. Everyone has a story, sometimes all it takes is a kind smile and a conversation to get someone to open up and have fun.

However, over the past year and a half my full time job has improved + healed so I have focused on that through various methodologies including HBOT at Delaware Hyperbariacs, Vestibular PT with Aquarcare, Eye PT at Sussex Eye Center, the chiropractor at Lotus Chiro, concussion and neurological specialists, imaging and doctors at Amen Clinic in Virginia, Pilates, The Body Shop workouts with Adam which were coordinated with my vestibular therapist so that I remained safe, healthy eating and exercise, PT with the Wellness Wahini, swimming at the YMCA, Yoga with Dimitra Yoga, Urban Float, Brian Love (neuropathy), Right Balance Pilates, outdoor walks and meditation. It’s been a crazy year and a half!

  1. Why have you incorporated fitness into your life?

“To live a better life and feel healthy. I have always been active. I played sports growing up, swam competitively and that led to DI lacrosse with Cornell University, yoga, running, surfing, tennis, Zumba and various others activities. I like to feel healthy and good, but most of all I do it because I find it fun and any exercise, from a long walk to a HIIT class or a Yin yoga class, ALWAYS makes me feel better. . I have my limits these days, but I’m slowly and steadily returning to my favorite activities.

  1. When did you start training at The Body Shop?

“We used to come to the Body Shop when I was on holiday with my family before we moved here and I can’t even tell you when it was…it’s been a long time!” But, when I moved here in the fall of 2014, I became a regular. I love the intimacy of the gym, the people I got to know and the opportunity to train with Adam.

  1. Favorite health tip to share:

“Choose what you love to do, then do it! It doesn’t matter if you like to walk and your friends like to run, if you like it, you will. If not, you really won’t! I also know that sleep is SUPER important, so I try to get healthy sleep and have a mindfulness routine in the evening and morning so I can be grateful for every day I have.

  1. Estimate:

“This place is like a second home! Everybody says hello to you and that’s it incredibly positive

when you come to the gym, you feel 1000 times better just by showing up. It gave me a sense of “normality” as a

I sailed for a very difficult year and a half. Working with Adam, even though we had to modify some things,

made me feel like a normal human again and not like a traumatic brain patient. I see many doctors who

evaluate my progress during daily, weekly and monthly visits. The Body Shop is where I can come to just be

Alyson, working as Alyson, and have the Support take my new “normal” as it comes. Adam always says,

“you’ll feel better” if you work out or after I said “I could do the elliptical” and he’s always right!

Adam and the team there were the best support as I slowly and steadily made my way to me.

I will be eternally grateful to them!”

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