Inside our ab-tastic workout at Novo Body Fitness in Encino

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Immediately after getting the Novo Body Fitness weightlifting-based workout for our latest Racked Fit Club, we were all “Yes!” And then when the reality of real weightlifting set up, it was more like, “Oh shit.” Don’t get me wrong, we’re always up for a sweat, but we had to admit that the concept of heavy lifting had us a little intimidated.

But on Thursday night at the Encino studio, we joined a brave team of Racked readers ready to put our bodies to the test. Our fearless instructor Toni, whose “Lipstick and Lunges” tank let us know she would be both tough and playful, carefully guided us through about 30 minutes of lifting, followed by 30 minutes of abs-focused moves. on the bench.

We were challenged not to use weights less than 8lbs, used for squats, lunges and general fatigue (that’s what you want to get results, FYI) our glutes, shoulders, quads and hamstrings -legs. Then we went to town on our core. For our final move, Toni encouraged us to hold a “reverse plank” for a full minute. Super scary, but with his motivation, we all did it! That’s the amazing thing about Novo Body: with the instructors’ one-on-one attention to perfect your form (crucial!) and talk you through the tough times, you realize you are quite strong and capable.

When all was said and done, we freshened up with juices courtesy of Juice Crafters, and headed home to check out our budding abs. Alright so maybe we won’t get to see the results of this butt kicking workout right away but we know that with regular sessions we can already imagine that our body the hottest emerges.

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