Husband denies missing body parts and slams in-laws

Chief Ologbo Biakpara, the late Mrs. Comfort Biakpara’s husband, said no part of her body was missing when she was buried.

The deceased’s brother, Mr. Paul Ezeamaka, had sounded the alarm at Comfort’s burial, saying his tongue and eyes were missing.

Speaking to reporters on the matter in Asaba, Ologbo denied the allegation.

He said, “My wife passed away on January 2, 2022 at Federal Medical Center, Asaba after giving birth. The Ologbo Biakpara family is consoled that the little boy survived, but the child cannot take the place of his mother who was a source of joy and happiness for me.

“On the day of the burial, March 5, 2022, the Ezeamaka and Biakpara families went to the morgue to prepare and collect the corpse.

“Mr. Paul Ezeamaka and Mr. Chuks Ezeamaka, direct younger brothers of the deceased, and other family members were present. Mr. David Biakpara, Roland Ombe and others represented the Biakpara family.

“The corpse was inspected, bathed and placed in the coffin for the final journey to Ubulu-Uku, his hometown for the funeral service.

“No family member of the deceased has complained or raised suspicions about the alleged disappearance of body parts.

“The trip went off without a hitch; the rites of passage have begun. In the midst of the solemn ceremony, things took a dramatic turn when Mr. Paul Ezeamaka, brother of the deceased, interrupted the ceremony, alleging that the eyes of the corpse were missing.

“It was alarming, unexpected and quite embarrassing. After all, Paul was present at the FMC morgue, Asaba, and was aware of everything that had happened.

He alleged that Paul and Chuks instigated the youths to block all access points to the funeral arena and threatened to shoot anyone who tried to leave the funeral grounds.

The retired senior Nigerian Air Force officer said the coffin was opened and the corpse was stripped, adding that the body was found intact.

Ologbo said that although he failed to establish his claims, Paul claimed he could not find the eyes.

He said to dispel any doubts, the family called the FMC undertaker on the phone, who said the eyes were there and sunk slightly into the skull due to the delay in the body embalming.

“Another undertaker, from Ubulu-Uku, was also summoned to inspect the body. After examining the corpse, he confirmed that the eyes were intact and that no part of the deceased had been soaked.

“The family spokesperson took a microphone and informed the public that the funeral directors had cleared the air and the funeral service would continue,” he added.

The deceased’s husband said that after the dust settled, his wife’s family offered “ridiculous conditions” to be met before the burial was done.

He said: “The development has led to utter chaos on the burial grounds.”

He noted that the guests, who had been held captive from the start, rushed to safety as many jumped into their cars and fled.

The ex-Delta State Commissioner said the family then buried the woman.

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