Duro Body Fitness stays active with online workouts


Body Fitness club participate in a workout at the club’s headquarters in Stone Street, Port of Spain. – “/>
In this photo, members of the Duro Body Fitness club participate in a workout at the club’s headquarters in Stone Street, Port of Spain. –

DURO Body Fitness has adapted to the covid19 pandemic by hosting online sessions to keep its members active at home and also encouraging others to do the same.

Owner and founder Andrew Francis said: “We are closed but we are giving live online classes four days a week and workouts are even sent out if you can’t join live. We are very active on social media and encourage everyone to stay active and stay fit as it is very easy to get depressed and lazy.

Duro Body was established in 2013 with after-work tuition at St Anthony’s College and eventually moved to Stone Street in 2018 full-time. Personal workouts, group classes or members can do guided workouts.

Instructor Trudy John added some important information: “We need to stay inside; chances are we won’t maintain the same level of activity that we usually would. We probably sit and eat more and gain more weight inside. John continued: “Make sure you’re up and moving even if it’s not a full workout as it can affect your mental health as well. Exercise everyday, eat healthy, especially us women because we prioritize other things.

Francis explained how the online sessions have gone so far. “It’s exciting, especially when our members connect and see each other. Working out in a group has always proven to be more motivating and effective in getting people to achieve their fitness goals.

Instructor Gabre Mc Tair said: “The workouts are designed so anyone can do them, although the intensity can be high we sometimes offer alternatives. Types of workouts offered are strength training, high intensity training, core training, cardio, strength training specific to all ages. Including in their program there is a senior group twice a week. Additionally, we have an after school team slot on a daily basis for athletes and non-athletes.

Looking to the future, Francis said: “After covid19 we could develop a kind of online training program, it’s a learning process because we are present on social networks, especially for those who can’t come and train with us, even all over the world. Hopefully it’s something we can diversify and expand further than TT.

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