COVID and shrinking body parts are the topics of the March newsletter

Imagine if…

March newsletter

Editor’s note: The March letter reacted to a study reporting that mild COVID can shrink the brain.

Perhaps the many unvaccinated men in Florida would think differently if COVID shrunk another part of their anatomy rather than just the brain.

Janet KrugerDunedin

Decency Campaign

The pulpit of brutes | Prospect, March 27

Barry Golson’s superb article on defending decency is set to be adopted as the theme for the election of Democratic candidates this year and in 2024. Democratic campaigns should use split-screen technology to highlight the difference between the dozens of examples of Republican lies, threats to democracy, hypocrisy and intimidation. President Joe Biden’s hug of Ukrainian children or lunch with American soldiers on the left side of the TV or computer screen, juxtaposed on the right with images of Donald Trump mocking a reporter disabled is only one possibility. Governor Ron DeSantis is also no slouch when it comes to visual messages of callousness, arrogance and meanness.

The goal is to convince the 5% of persuasive Republicans to vote Democrat. The remaining 95% will continue to support Putin’s thinking. Golson’s plea for decency should be required reading for Democratic politicians. Most of them are decent, but their failure to sell this message contributes enormously to the cult of power, madness and indecency that infects too many ordinary citizens.

David Nathanson, Tampa,

And the men?

Florida’s 15-week abortion ban would be cruel | Editorial, March 6

Lawmakers have banned many abortions for women financially or emotionally unable to continue a pregnancy, but there are no repercussions for men involved in the pregnancy. It takes two to make a baby, but only women are forced to carry a baby they are not ready to take care of. Many companies can deny birth control to women. Maybe men also have to deal with the consequences and maybe fewer women would be in this situation.

Linda Lorenz, spring hill

He doesn’t say “gay”

DeSantis signs so-called ‘don’t say gay’ bill | March 29

Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law HB 1557, a bill that prohibits teaching related to gender identity or sexual orientation in kindergarten through third grade. The bill has nothing to do with prohibiting or saying the word gay or being gay or being a lesbian. As parents, my wife and I had the responsibility of deciding when to discuss sexuality with our children. I’m fed up and fed up when the media distorts the truth. In November, the left and those who support it will discover that we Americans are not as stupid as you think.

Mark Khan, Tampa

The work we do

Occupational Therapy Month

According to World Population Review, Tampa is home to approximately 47,774 seniors, a number that continues to grow. As a Tampa native and PhD student in Occupational Therapy – and because April is Occupational Therapy Month – I wanted to share some information about how Occupational Therapists can support the valuable and meaningful lives of seniors.

Occupational therapists are experts in promoting participation in a range of activities that older people engage in, otherwise known as “occupations”. These can be activities that customers want, need, or are expected to do. Occupational therapists work collaboratively with clients and caregivers to identify strengths and barriers to participation in roles and activities. Occupational therapists can work in assisted living facilities or skilled nursing facilities, senior centers, home, community and more!

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For example, an occupational therapist may assess a client and their home and recommend home modifications, such as eliminating fall hazards or adding grab bars in the shower, to promote safety and participation. One study identified strong evidence for reducing falls when occupational therapists implemented home modifications and a fall prevention intervention in older adults ( In addition, occupational therapists may provide interventions to improve driving performance to increase older adults’ mobility within the community, implement compensatory or problem-solving strategies with a visually impaired older adult, or create programs for client-centered self-management for older people with chronic conditions. In short, the impact of occupational therapy can be enormous.

Kasey Fenton, land of lakes

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