Auto Body Shop Manager: High Demand, Supply Chain Issues Slow Vehicle Repairs – WISH-TV | Indianapolis News | Indiana Weather forecast

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Some Indianapolis body shops and auto services have seen a surge in customer base after this week’s winter storm, but warn some drivers may be waiting a while before getting back on the road due to a back.

The PPG Collision Repair Center garage just west of University Heights is busier than usual. Joseph Bryer, the shop manager, said on Friday the winter mix of snow, ice and slush had resulted in a surge of additional vehicles needing repairs.

“We have a bit of everything. We have a lot of frontal and rear collisions that we are working on: trunk repairs, rear and front bumper repairs, headlights, hoods and that sort of thing,” Bryer said.

This is in addition to the usual workload.

“We’re just making sure we have the staff to keep up with the work,” Bryer said.

Over the past 48 hours, Indiana State Police reported receiving thousands of calls for help. This included 109 accidents, 110 slides and 284 stuck or stuck cars.

The PPG tow truck also worked overtime. People called on him for help, Bryer said, “after the crashes and people got back to the store, get people out of the ditches.”

With the high demand for repairs and supply chain parts shortages, Bryer says, some motorists can wait weeks to repair vehicles.

He adds that drivers should monitor their preventative maintenance throughout the year to better prepare their vehicle for a winter storm.

“Make sure your brakes are serviced and your tires are up to date. It will go a long way in this kind of weather,” Bryer said.

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