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LOS ANGELES, October 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Supernatural, the leading virtual reality fitness experience, today announced Supernatural Boxing, an all-new, all-around cardio workout joining the company’s platform of immersive fitness and wellness experiences designed for Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2. Supernatural Boxing is designed to achieve explosive aerobic capacity while burning the core and sharpening the mind, alongside Supernatural’s original full-body cardio workout, supernatural flow, as well as his Guided meditation and led by a coach Stretching sessions. Boxing workouts are immediately available on the Supernatural app from the Oculus App Store.

Supernatural Boxing features expert-led workouts from “Boxing Basics” to “Pros Only,” inviting members to punch, block, shuffle, and slide to the beat of their favorite music in captivating environments, while seamlessly tracking and digital their fitness without ever leaving. residence.

The Supernatural Offering Catalog now includes a familiar favorite: Boxing.

Supernatural is the complete VR fitness and wellness solution for leading an integrated, healthier lifestyle; from core to cardio, from stretching to meditation, there’s a mode of expression to tackle and achieve a full range of fitness goals. The addition of Supernatural Boxing invites members to “go deeper” by offering new goals and challenges for mind and body and an entirely new perspective on fitness.

“Supernatural Boxing is an incredible workout that recruits new muscle groups and focuses the mind,” said the co-founder and CEO. Chris Milk. “It continues our quest at Supernatural to find new ways to reinvent exercise as something to look forward to and change as many lives as possible in the process.”

Supernatural Boxing will be led by Supernatural’s dynamic roster of expert trainers and overseen by the Chief Fitness Officer and muay thai athlete, trainer Leanne Pedante.

“Practicing boxing and kickboxing over the past decade has changed my life, filling me with a confidence and strength that I never had before,” says Pedante. “Now Supernatural Boxing delivers that in an unbeatable VR format, removing the intimidation factor of attending class or hitting the gym, and instead empowering athletes in another modality.”

All supernatural boxing workouts include the following:

  • Box to the beat of the music you know and love: Supernatural offers the most extensive selection of music from major labels in the VR fitness industry with over 1000 hit songs from the world’s biggest artists, spanning all genres. New songs and playlists are scheduled weekly.
  • Expert Coaching: Supernatural Boxing creates an intimate, one-on-one dynamic between trainer and athlete unmatched by any other digital home fitness product. Coaches’ cues are personal, timely and come from familiar faces that members can rely on for guidance.
  • Three inclusive yet challenging levels of intensity—Low, medium and high intensity workouts are suitable for beginner to advanced members. Regardless of your background or skill level, there is an effective workout for everyone.
  • Dedicated training and “Basics of boxing”: Learn how to throw your jab, cross, hook, uppercut and block, blast targets and dodge obstacles, while activating your lower body and core muscles.
  • Three new supernatural boxing workouts every week, including eight at launch. New Supernatural Flow workouts will continue to be released daily, along with weekly meditations and regular stretching sessions.
  • Custom Metrics: Track your workout history, set and achieve goals, track and compete against friends with the Supernatural Companion app for your smartphone.
  • Smart Calibration: Supernatural Boxing workouts are uniquely calibrated for each individual limb, mapping and tracking athletes’ movements, then adjusting the program to their unique range of motion based on arm span and preferred squat depth.
  • The ability to pair Supernatural with a wide range of fitness trackers, allowing you to measure and visualize your growing work capacity through detailed heart rate data and more.

Supernatural Boxing harnesses the power of virtual reality by delivering next-level programming and reimagining the landscape of connected fitness

Supernatural’s mastery of cutting-edge technology, combined with its cohort of expert trainers, continues to provide members with jaw-dropping experiences that change and challenge what we know about exercise. Supernatural Boxing instantly transports members to the most beautiful places in the world, then delivers music-synced haptic feedback to its athletes in real-time, for a transformative and totally immersive fitness routine that’s completely engaging and fun to follow:

  • movement 360 in the form of slides, hooks, jab-crosses and more, will train agility and balance, strengthening and protecting the body in all planes of motion – sagittal, frontal and transverse.
  • Supernatural Boxing features dozens of spectacular, photorealistic destinations. Captured on location and rendered in 360 volumetric 3D, the members will find themselves boxing at the Rongbuk Glacier, Mt. Everest, Chichen Itza, Snæfellsjökull Volcano, Iceland, pyramids of Meroe and more.
  • Supernatural offers specialty destinations like Mars and the moon, including live footage and ambient sound from Mars and footage captured during the 1969 moon landing.

Supernatural Boxing is now available through the Supernatural app in the Oculus Store. Every Supernatural membership includes access to the full and ever-expanding catalog of built-in fitness offerings, plus a curated selection of Supernatural programs and collections designed to help members achieve their individual fitness goals with results. that benefit both body and mind. Sign up for a free trial followed by $18.99/month or $179.99/year. Membership begins automatically and renews monthly after the free trial ends. Cancel anytime. For more details, visit www.getsupernatural.com

Supernatural launched in April 2020 as the world’s first full-featured, subscription-based fitness service for virtual reality. Designed for Oculus Quest and paired with your smartphone, Supernatural gives users expert-led daily workouts, detailed fitness tracking, an extensive catalog of music, and a chance to exercise in the most beautiful places in the world. world without ever leaving home.

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